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Our Research & Development

Behind countless stunning results you’ll find the Excellence of Swiss Science. At TEOXANE, we have built excellence into all of our processes. By integrating every strategic function into a unified R&D department and production team, we master our research and carefully monitor manufacturing processes, resulting in innovative products of high quality. With the best interest of patients in mind, we have established a very strict quality system with all products undergoing extensive testing and purifying steps to guarantee high efficiency, safety and durability.

Going one step further still, we have innovated by using a similar cross-linked hyaluronic acid from our dermal filler range, Teosyal®, to prepare our complementary cosmeceutic products. This quiet breakthrough puts professional quality in a bottle to offer patients even longer lasting results. (3)

Two women in white coats working in a lab

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a unique molecule and although HA-based fillers may look similar, they are not. Mastering the ability to make it express appropriate mechanical and biological properties for various aesthetic treatments requires expertise and dedication. These are the ground rules for our R&D department. “Teoxane has become synonymous with these kinds of advanced products,” reported European Aesthetic Guide, in 2015. (4)

Presenting a true skincare and aesthetic revolution, our teams of expert scientists have worked relentlessly on optimising hyaluronic acid cross-linking, with no fewer than 6 patent families filed.* The result is our RHA resilient hyaluronic acid® technology. With properties that surpass those recognised in hyaluronic acid, RHA® provides optimal hydration to strengthen, protect and plump the skin, correction of fine lines and folds without unnatural imperfections, and produces a dynamic volumising effect for outstanding natural results. (5)

*FR2945293, FR2968305, FR2968306, FR2997085, FR2997014 and FR3029928

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